Sports Performance Training

New Summer Deal! $97 Per Month Unlimited Youth Sports Classes!

Starts June 9th.

We provide unparalleled training for young athletes in grades 6-12, including:

  • Ensuring athletes are at the top of their game while remaining injury free
  • Empowering players to understand sports nutrition, develop leadership skills, and keep a positive mindset
  • Offering the region’s most educated and experienced training staff to work with your young athlete
  • Choose to buy the membership for $97 per month for two months or come to any class for a $15 drop-in fee.

  • First month: June 9th–July 3rd
  • Second month: July 7th–August 1st

  • All Of These Classes Are Included In The Membership

    Click here for the calendar.


    Tue/Thurs/Fri, 9:00am-10:00am
    This class is ideal for athletes ages 8-12. Confidence, Technique, Inspiration, Education… These are the intangibles an aspiring athlete must obtain before all else. FUNdamentals provides young athletes with the tools they need to develop to the next level. We strive to create an environment that will teach athletes the importance of flexibility, proper form, and inner drive, and above all else FUN in a structured and educational atmosphere. Whether your athlete is the next sports star or just looking for an alternative method to get active, our classes are tailored to each individual’s levels and abilities!


    Tue/Thurs/Fri, 10:00am-11:00am
    This class is designed to transform players 12 years and up into the greatest athlete possible. Power, Strength, Injury Prevention, Speed, Agility, & Nutrition will all be emphasized. BASE starts from the ground up to close the gap between where you are currently, and where you want to be! Using our specific training method, we provide athletes with a competition advantage in every aspect of performance. Whatever your sport might be, BASE will give you what you need to perform at the highest level!


    Mon/Wed, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    In this class, athletes of all sports will learn the true definition of speed and agility! Athletes will learn how to integrate faster movements and quicker reaction times into their specific sport. This is a high intensity workout class that emphasizes moving in all directions, coordination, and skill development. Clients learn how to change direction, run linearly, pivot, back pedal, and more. There will be no long distance running in this class!


    Mon/Wed, 2:00pm-3:00pm
    This class improves athleticism by teaching players to be stronger and more explosive. Athletes of all sports will benefit from increased general strength, but also from rate of force development. Training will include introduction to resistance training, proper technique, and progression of skills.
    Training emphasizes loading and exploding in all directions with high intensity intervals. Proper warm-up and cool down techniques, as well as injury prevention will be learned in this program.

    Hockey Exclusive

    Mon/Wed, 3:00pm-4:00pm
    Hockey Exclusive is designed for any hockey player looking to improve their game this summer. The class will emphasize the specific strength, power, mobility, agility, and injury prevention needed to be a great hockey player. You will not find a better class!

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