Making a bigger difference.
At Shoreline Sport & Spine our ability to make a difference goes well beyond the human body. In fact, the term “physical therapy” almost feels limiting. We want to contribute to the well-being of a person as a whole-mind, body and spirit. But why stop with our patients? We feel called to make a difference to our community as a whole. We like to think of ourselves as community activists – a group of people taking responsibility for the community in which we live, and beyond.

A vehicle for meaningful change.
Our practice is a means of giving back. Through the Shoreline Sports & Spine Physical Therapy Fund (part of the Muskegon Foundation), the United Way, Love INC, and other vital causes, we’re privileged to be able to positively impact lives. Beyond West Michigan, we reach out by donating water filters to people in Honduras, supporting orthopedic surgeries in Kenya, Africa and contributing to other vital causes.